Anoint Daily (Over) Achiever Ally
Anoint Daily (Over) Achiever Ally

Anoint Daily (Over) Achiever Ally

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Daily restorative adaptogen blend for overworked body, mind, & spirit. Increase focus, stamina, performance, & endurance. Reduce inflammation, brain fog, & low libido. Especially beneficial to recovery and increased health for workaholics & athletes.

30 daily servings.


Organically sourced Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Moringa, Maca, Chaga, Eleuthero.


Mix a 1/2 teaspoon into your daily morning coffee, tea, smoothie, cup of hot water, or choice beverage.—Most optimally absorbed with a touch of fat added to your drink. — (A splash of your favorite milk is a great option!)— Take 1 heaping teaspoon if feeling extra depleted.

G E T. A L L. O F. T H E. B I T S. at the bottom of the cup— pour in a touch of water— swirl, and imbibe!


E L E U T H E R O  increases endurance and stamina; speeds recovery and prevents immune depletion from overworking; improves alertness and cognitive function when under severe stress and long work hours. Also acts as a nervine to improve the quality of sleep and prevent nighttime waking. Aid to adrenal fatigue.

L I O N S M A N E a dynamically functioning mushroom that is the ultimate brain booster. Lion’s mane supports cognition, focus, creativity and productivity, while also improving memory. This concentration booster even stimulates the synthesis of our nerve growth factor proteins (NFGs) that protect existing neurons, and foster new neuron growth, making it an incredible nervous system protector.

C H A G A a medicinal mushroom that fights inflammation; supports immunity and sustained energy with its rich source of B vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes, minerals and phenols and contains some of the highest known concentrations of antioxidants of any food. Rich source of zinc, which is essential to cell growth, differentiation and survival— an essential nutrient most people are deficient in. Boosts collagen production and promotes skin radiance and suppleness. *Also acts as a natural sunscreen due to its high melanin content.

M A C A a precious root native to the Quecha. This nourishing and powerful aphrodisiac and mood booster also helps to increase overall energy and endurance, and clear brain fog. Maca supports healthy sexual energy and libido, while increasing sex hormone secretion and adrenal gland stimulation.

M O R I N G A an ancient healing tree that is nutrient rich, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. Great addition if one struggles with getting healthy greens into their diet. It has been used to treat and prevent ailments such as diabetes; liver, heart and brain disease; and anemia. Its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties have also been used for both blood and urinary tract infections and digestive disorders.

Hand bottled in small batches in sunny Southern California with organically sourced ingredients only. Travel-friendly—take it with you everywhere from on the plane to in a backpack in the remote countryside or mountains! Sustainably packaged in glass bottles and shipped in recycled, recyclable and upcycled materials.